About Stance

Built From The Love Of Cycling

‘Stance’ was developed in 2013 by two cycling fanatics– Kyle Wilks and Dan Orman, that were keen to create a cycling brand that could be depended upon for quality at a fraction of the cost of a few of the larger fixie suppliers in the UNITED KINGDOM. They wished to bring a special design to the market which was currently full of colour and so went to function creating a few of the most eye catching bikes in the industry.

Stance bikes is our way of taking biking back to essentials, removing the clutter and confusion of some modern-day bikes as well as going back to old-fashioned style with top quality modern products. Our fixies provide you the freedom to just enjoy using, without having to stress too much regarding established, upkeep and all the things that take the enjoyable out of cycling. Fixies are basic and reliable, providing you a link to the bike and also making navigating less of a duty. Fixies have taken the globe by storm and also are currently among one of the most popular designs among students, travelers as well as keen bicyclists alike as a great way of navigating. Check out our why trip a fixie web page to learn more about why single speed bikes are coming to be more and more popular.

Constructed from love of cycling and all the advantages that it has to offer, whether it’s economical, health or environmental, it is necessary that you feel and look excellent. Our bikes are designed making sure you stick out from the crowd, where its a retro feel you are trying to find, or something a lot more modern, our bikes make sure to obtain you seen. Your day-to-day commute should be the emphasize of your day.

A fixed gear can feel like a strange principle at first. Why decide to ride with just one gear when you can have numerous? The distinction is that using a fixie provides you a various encounter to any other. It makes you to feel more connected to the bike and also aids you to maintain your momentum as you use.

The fixed gear fad has actually taken the world by storm and fixies now have a massive following from both enthusiasts and also casual cyclists alike. With endless personalization options and also the convenience that having actually a fixed equipment supplies, they offer the excellent combination between BMX as well as a road bike! There are currently numerous various variants of fixed equipment bike offered, some with brakes, some without.

Biking has actually become a challenging hobby, there is usually a great deal of pressure to invest cash on unneeded devices as well as bikes that have even more features than many people recognize just what finish with! Fixies take biking back to basics, making navigating easy and also pleasurable without compromising on high quality or rate. Using a Fixie is just one of the fastest as well as most pleasurable ways to get around, and also the health and wellness as well as expense advantages. Your daily commute should be the highlight of your day.

A wonderful benefit of our bikes is that they are likewise suited with a freewheel, so you can obtain comfy using your solitary rate bike with the stress of having to ride with a fixed gear quickly. For those riders that like to change straight to a fixie, it’s as very easy as transforming the back wheel around to make use of the fixed gear on the contrary side of the center.

The convenience of just having one equipment means you have to bother with maintenance as well as running issues much less, implying you could proceed with the important points in you day and enjoy the using experience!