Customs Clearance

We handle import and export procedures on your behalf to ensure you meet all the requirements.

Web Portal

For all U.S. importers, we have a web portal with visibility of all import activity via both air and ocean. The information also includes transport, customs milestones, and a database of important customs documentation.

We make your customs transactions seamless with:

Preparation and submission of documentation

There are several documents that importers and exporters have to prepare and submit to facilitate the process. Some of the documents required during customs clearance are purchase order from the buyer, sales invoice, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, and other specific documentation that may be needed by financial institutions. Our experts will also ensure the proper classification of goods so that the entire process progresses smoothly.

Taxes and duties payment

Depending on the type of cargo, the applicable laws, and its value, we will check if there are any taxes and duties that need to be paid. If the cargo is labeled as Delivery Duty Paid (DDP), it means that the relevant taxes and duties have already been paid. Delivery Duty Unpaid, or DDU, means that the package will be forwarded to an independent customs broker to ensure that the required amount is collected.

Proper loading of cargo

Without the necessary expertise and experience, taking import and export cargo through the authorities can be frustrating and difficult. We will use our customs clearance experience to ensure that your cargo is properly loaded before starting the process. This minimizes the chances of your goods going through extensive examinations and searches. In the end, our services will help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

We ensure compliance with the law

Import and export regulations vary from one country to another. These rules can be complex, making the customs clearance process confusing. At QLogistics, we serve as a reliable communication channel between you and the government. Our duties involve making sure that you know and abide by all the government guidelines.

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