Distribution Services

QLogistics has the team and the facilities to execute your fulfillment activities. Our capabilities include pick and pack, buffer stock management, direct to store distribution, supplier management and consolidation services, supporting manufacturing and distribution processes.

Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse.

We have the ability to provide warehouse solutions in both LAX and PHX. Our warehouses range from 15,000-80,000 sq ft with both floor and pallet racking capabilities. We can provide both short and long term warehousing solutions. Many clients take advantage of combining our import transportation along with container unloading, palletization, and then warehouse storage.

End-To-End Supply Chain.

We can then provide 3PL distribution services to end clients. We also can manage RMA programs. Many clients depend on Q Logistics to provide the end to end supply chain solution so as to avoid investments in warehouses, trucks, forklifts, distribution personnel. We can provide a complete outsourced solution.

Tracing and tracking service

We have put systems that help in tracking and tracing shipments throughout the distribution channel. This technology helps us to identify and resolve any problems in transport that may arise along the way. It also minimizes the chances of a product ending up in the wrong place and provides information on the exact position of the product along the chain. Our tracking service not only increases efficiency but also enhances service delivery.


We design all our services with the customer in mind. A good number of our clients request our end to end supply chain solution to avoid huge investments in warehouses, trucks, forklifts, and distribution personnel. Other clients choose to combine import transportation with container unloading, palletization, and warehouse storage. We make it possible for you to choose the combination of services that works best for you.

We can provide outsourced solutions

At QLogistics, we aim to provide the most effective warehousing and distribution solutions to our customers. Depending on your needs, we can provide outsourced solutions to improve customer satisfaction and ensure cost savings. All you need to do is discuss your needs with us, and we will suggest the best ways to ensure seamless processes. Based on our expertise and experience, you can trust us to outsource solutions from reliable providers.

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